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A tough choice

A tough choice

Choosing the right bag is one of the most difficult choices. We have all been involved in this important issue many times, our style seems to be complete, but in fact it has a big shortcoming, and solving this shortcoming is not so easy, but by considering some important factors, this difficulty can be made a little easier. Wet. There are three important things to consider when choosing the right bag.

1. Clothing style and style: Do not pay attention to our personal style and clothing, as well as the place and situation in which we are going to be present.

2. Color and material: Always pay attention to the color tone of our style, we must have a choice to match not only in terms of color but also in terms of material with other items

Most of the time, use neutral colors such as black, gray and cream that match all of your sets, and avoid setting the color and material of your bag and shoes, and sometimes your belt.

3. Limbs and body shape: Did you know that a bag can make you look short or tall and fat or thin? If you are thin, very large bags are not suitable for you because you will definitely be hiding behind the bag.

For example, if you are thin, very large bags are not suitable for you because you will definitely be hidden behind the bag, or if you have a large body, it is better not to use very small bags because these bags will not be seen at all, but if you are tall You are free to use any bag, but we advise you to stay away from small bags.

Fortunately, today, bag manufacturers produce different types of bags in different colors, sizes, designs and materials that are suitable for every style and body shape.