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Your age is the criterion for choosing a bag

Your age is the criterion for choosing a bag

One of the criteria for the production and selection of clothing and footwear is based on gender and age group. For example, children's clothing and shoes are produced for the age group of children, and clothes and shoes suitable for the age group of teenagers, adults, and the elderly.

Bag production is no exception, for example, teenage girls, because they have a lot of items to take with them, it is better to use large bags with happy colors, or a middle-aged woman is better than a medium or small bag that is colored It is not nasty to have them with you. But women in their thirties or forties who are employed or have a motherly responsibility are better off using a higher quality one.

 Suitable for middle-aged women in their fourth decade of life, handbags, douche bags, student bags and office bags.

 Well-dressed and tasteful ladies should pay attention to the fact that the best bag for going to a party is a stylish and beautiful model of a party bag and a passport bag, which they should also choose based on their age.

Of course, they should also keep in mind that when choosing party bags, they should also consider the model of their shoes, for example, for sandals or college shoes, they should choose a bag model that fits these shoes.

 But women who are sixty years old and have less worries about work and spend most of their time traveling, it is better to use big, sporty, stylish and durable bags with comfortable shoes and sneakers, and women who are in their twenties. They are in their seventies and traveling has become more difficult for them. It is better to use light, traditional bags in different and suitable designs.